Raglan Baby Sweater with Collar

Raglan Baby Sweater MATERIALS:
This sweater can be made with Baby Yarn (size 16" #6 circular & dpn's) or Sport Yarn (size 16" #7 circular & dpn's)
Baby Yarn- 3-6 mos
Sport yarn- 6-9 mos

CO 52 sts... Knit 24 Rows of garter stitch

5 Decrease Rows For Neck:
(ws) R1- k4, (p2 tog) 22x, k4- (30 st)
R3-k4, (p22), k4
R4-k4, knit into front and back of next 22 sts,k4
R5-k4,(p44), k4

Divide for Raglan:

(rs) R1- k9, inc in next st, PM, inc in next st, k6, inc, PM, inc, k14, inc,
PM, inc, k6, inc,PM,inc, k9
R2- k4, p across, k4
R3- k- increasing before and after each marker
R4- k4, p across, k4
R5- k, increasing before and after each marker ( make 1st Button Hole-
last 4 sts- k1, yo, k2 tog, k1)
R6- k4, p across, k4

*Repeat Rows 1-6 (16x) = 30 rows= 180 sts.

** work first BH on R5 then after every 10th ridge until 4 BH (example: 2nd BH-R25)

After 32R of raglan increases, knit even for 2 more rows, then work left sleeve.

You have a choice here- you can put sleeve sts on holders or yarn (which are then knit with dpn's and no seams) and continue to knit the body OR do the sleeves now and sew later.

Left Sleeve:
(remove markers as you go)
with circular needle, work 26 st of left front, with straight needles (using a seperate ball of yarn) knit across 40 st of left sleeve, (counts as Row 1).
Working back and forth in ss and decreasing 1 st @ side every 5th row-(5x) = 30
st= 30 rows
DECREASE as follows: k1, s1, k1, psso, k to last 3 st, k2 tog, k1

This is my set up:
(rs) R1- knit
R2- purl
R3- knit
R4- purl
R5- decrease
R6- purl

At the end of the 30 rows- knit 4 rows even

knit 7 rows of garter stitch, then BO-WS-KW (bind off-wrong side-knitwise)

For Right Sleeve:
with circular needles work across 48 sts of back, with straight needles and
seperate yarn work 40 sts of right sleeve (counts as Row 1)
Repeat directions as for left sleeve.
Then work circular needle across 26 sts of right front and turn.

continue in pattern ( k4, purl across, k4 on wrong side, and knit across on the
right side) AND continuing BH after every 10th ridge until 4 BH,
knit in pattern until 3 ridges after the 4th BH

Knit 7 rows of garter st, BO-WS-KW

Sew sleeve seams if needed and sew on 4 (1/2") buttons

Author: © Rindy Carpenter
Written with permission
Please do not post these free patterns on your web site, they are copyright protected.

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