Size Newborn
Simply Soft or Bernat Co-ordinates (or comparable yarn)
Size G Hook


Chain 45...
Row 1....Hdc in 3rd ch from hook and next 5 sts, 3 hdc (increase) in next st, hdc in next 7 sts, inc. in next st, hdc in next 12 sts, inc. in next st, hdc in next 7 sts, inc. in next st, hdc in remaining 6 sts. ch 2, turn.

Row 2-6....Hdc in each st to center of increase, 3 hdc in center st, hdc in every st, increasing in each center st of previous increase.

Row 7....(sleeve row)...Hdc in each st to center of first inc, chain 8, sk all sts to next center inc.(this forms the sleeve) hdc across back to next center of inc, ch 8 , sk all sts to next center inc, hdc in remaing sts, ch 2 , turn.

Row 8....Hdc in each st and chain across, ch 2 turn

Row 9-20...Repeat row 8, ch 1 sc around fronts, neck and bottom, put 3 sc in corners, fasten off.

Sleeves...Join at bottom underarm, ch 2, hdc around sleeve opening, (about 31-32 sts) join at end of row, ch 2 , hdc around, repeat till 10 rows are complete....ch 1, sc around , decreasing 5 sts...Fasten off.....Add buttons and trim.


Chain 6
Row 1... Sc in 5 chs, in back loop only, (this makes ribbing on hat), ch 1 turn.

Row 2... Sc in next 5 sts.......repeat for 46 rows(about 13 inchs), join ends together.
Chain 2 Hdc in each st around join...repeat last row for 13 rows. Leave long length of yarn and fasten off. Thread yarn through needle and in one row below top , weave through and gather tightly and tie off. (this makes top knot).
Can add 3-4 rows more if you want the brim to turn up.

Pattern by Arlene Phillips 2006. Copyright protected.

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Last Updated: June 14, 2006