Newborn: ww yarn and a g hook. 3 - 3 1/2" sole
Preemie: Bernat Softee (sport DK) and a g hook. 2 1/2 - 3" sole fits a 3-5 lb preemie...

chain 22 leaving a long end at beginning to weave later, hdc in 2nd from hook and across (20 hdc)

row 2-5 ch 2 turn, hdc across (20 hdc)

row 6 ch 1 turn, slip stitch in first 4, hdc in next 10, leave last 5 stitches unworked

row 7 & 8 ch2 hdc across (10 hdc)

row 9 ch2 turn and hdc across in BACK LOOPS ONLY

row 10-16 ch2 turn and hdc across (10 hdc), finish off leaving a long tail for weaving

Now you have a flat T, position it so the side facing up has the long tails on the left side of the work. fold the bottom up between rows 9 & 10, it turns easily because of the back row only row and forms the toe area

Whipstitch the sides of the toe area where the sides overlap (3 rows on top and bottom) go ahead and weave your end in here while the yarn is on the needle

Fold the back up and whipstitch it, again weaving in end so it is finished. now turn it right side out and you have a sneaker bootie with a little tongue, just lace it up in front like a regular shoe:) Sneakers


Follow the same directions, but stop at row 13, then finish the same way.

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