Knit Booties and Hat

Knit Baby Booties

No. 2 needles for infant; No.1 needles for Preemie

Cast on 44 sts...

R1-2) knit  R3-4) Purl  R5-6) Knit   R7-8) Purl
Continue working in this pattern till you reach r23
R23) Decrease 10 sts, Purl in remaining sts.
R24) Dec. 10 sts, P in remaining sts.
R27-28) Purl
R29-30) Knit
R31-32) Purl
Continue pattern through row 38
R39) Decrease 1 st each side ( purls)
R 40) Purl
Row41) decrease 1 st each side ( knits)
R42) knit
R43) Knit 2 together across
R44) Knit 2 together across

Finish by casting off. Sew front and back of booties, turn right side out and add bow or chain.

Easy Knit Hat

Full term: 4 ply yarn and # 6 needles.

Cast on 66 sts

Knit 1, Purl 1 to 6 1/2 inches sew sides and top add pompom.

Preemie use # 5 needles. Work same as fullterm hat to 5 1/2 ". Finish as for fullterm

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