Preemie Boy Burial Set Gown

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Designer: Kimberly Reichner

Materials: Fingering weight yarn ( white and color ) and E crochet hook.

Yoke is worked the same through row 6 of girl's gown...

Skirt for boy's gown:

Chain 2 (NOTE chain 2 does NOT count as a st) at end of each row and work Double crochets in each st. till you have finished 19 rows of double crochet.
Bottom cuff of gown: With colored yarn attach to FRONT of gown. ( The front will be the first right side of your yoke, you should have 2 ridges of unused loops at top) Ch 2 and Dc across in BACK loops ONLY. Chain 2 and turn.
Dc In BOTH loops across.
Chain 1 and turn.
Turn gown upside down where the yoke is at your body and hem towards your knees.
Fold the last DC row up towards you. Sc through skipped loop at white edge AND the last row finished.
This will give you a small cuff with a ridge of sc's.

Sleeves: Sl st white under arm and chain 2, dc in next space, dc in each st around to next space, dc in space and dc again underarm. ( Reminder: Do NOT join)
Ch 2 turn, Dc in each st around for a total of 3 sleeve rows.

Cuff: work same as gown cuff.
Sl st to last row of white and chain 20, do the same on other side of same sleeve for tie.
With same color work sc in each chain loop across neck area.

Front ridges: Attach color to first ridge on front of gown with sl st. sc in each unused loop across to other side. Do the same for next ridge row.

Well now that wasn't too hard, and you must admit you've done a very good job!

HatNow onto the matching hat.

With white yarn, Chain 10
Dc in 3rd ch from hook and each ch across, work 4 dc in last ch.
Continue down other side of chain working dc to end.
Ch 2, turn. Work dc to increase area ( round end ) Work 2 dc in next 5 sts, work dc to end.
Ch 2, turn work dc to increase and work , 2 dc, 1 dc, 2 dc, 1 dc, 2 dc, dc to end.
Ch 2, turn, ( this row in BACK loops ONLY) work Dc across
Chain 2 and turn , Work dc's for next 5 rows, chain 1 and working down side of hat work sc evenly spaced around, chain 1 and turn. Work sc in each sc, decreasing every 5 sts. Fasten off.

With colored yarn: Attach color with sl st to corner front of hat and working in BACK loops only work your cuff pattern. DO not fasten off. Continue by working sc across the neck band area. Fasten off.
Colored yarn, In unused loop in back work your sc ridge, but increase at top ( round area ) of hat.
Add those ties :-)

Booties Very well done!

Now on to the cutest little booties you have ever made ^i^

With white yarn Chain 6
Dc in 3rd chain from hook and each ch across
Ch 2 , turn ( ch 2 is NOT a st counted)
Work dc across with dc in top of starting ch at end.
Ch 2 and turn, Dc across.
Ch 14 and sl st to other end of last row worked.
Ch 2, Dc in same st, Work 2 dc in each st till you reach chain then work 1 dc in each chain, sl st to first dc.
Ch 2, turn , Dc in each st around and sl st to first dc.
Ch 2, turn, BACK LOOPS ONLY, work dc around , join.
Ch 2 turn, BOTH loops, work dc around, join, fasten off.
Turn boot inside out and sew up seam.
With white join in back middle chain st, Ch 2, dc in same st and each st around ending with dc in the same st as first dc. Fasten off.
Join color ( working in BACK LOOPS) work cuff pattern.
Ties, sl st to the white of your cuff ( first row worked) chain 20, fasten off, repeat for other side, tie in a bow.
Turn boot upside down and join color at heel of boot, Work sc in each used loop. Fasten off.

Wonderfull! Now admire the beautiful job you did and dress a tiny Angel. ^i^

Reminder: The only legal use of patterns on this website is to make the items and give them to charity.

Page Updated: July 10, 2006