2" Tiny Angel Socks

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Angel Socks Materials: Small amount of white & small amount of color fingering baby yarn. G hook. Use sport weight for slightly larger sock.

Note: All rounds are worked with right side facing unless noted, ALL rounds are joined...

Beginning at lower cuff: With white
Ch 15, join to form ring
R1) Ch 1, sc in each chain around. ( 15 sc )
R2) Ch 1, working this round only in FRONT loops, sc around ( 15 sc )
R3) repeat round 1 ( 15 sc) Break off white and join color in joined st.
R4) repeat round 1 ( 15 sc )
R5-7) Ch 1, sc in next 7 sts, leave remaining sts unworked.
R8) sc, decrease, sc, decrease, sc ( 5 sc )
R9) Fold heel with wrong side facing you in half, sl st tops of round 8 together. Turn right side out.
R10) Working on heel and lower cuff, work 16 sc evenly spaced around.
R11) Sc around ( 16 sc)
R12) 4 sc, decrease, 6 sc, decrease, sc in last 2 sts.
R13) repeat round 11
R14) 3 sc, decrease, sc, decrease, sc to end
R15) repeat round 11
R16) 3 sc, decrease, 3 sc, decrease, 2 sc
R17) repeat round 11.
Fasten off leaving a long end for weaving. Turn sock wrong side out and weave loose end through top of sc's on round 17, secure and fasten off. FOLD white part of bootie down!
Top cuff: With white, join with sl st to back of unused loops of round 2.
R1) Ch 2, dc in same st, work 15 dc evenly spaced around, DO NOT JOIN ( 15 dc )
R2) Ch 1, turn, sc around ( 15 sc ) DO NOT JOIN
R3) Ch 1, turn, * sl st in next st, ch 1, sl st in next st, ch 1* continue around. DO NOT JOIN.
Fasten off. Weave in any and all loose ends and secure with washable fabric glue.
For chain: Chain 43 Weave chain through Double crochet row of top cuff and tie in a bow at back of sock. ^i^

Reminder: The only legal use of patterns on this website is to make the items and give them to charity.

Page Updated: July 10, 2006