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As we all are aware, times are changing. We have more and more babies born too early. Unfortunately many turn their backs and say, "It's someone elseís problem." What if your baby was born too soon, and the hospital had just old, used blankets? Unfortunately many just look the other way. God's Tiny Angels provides material needs for those who need it in West Virginia and across the country.

Gunnar in NICU Gunnar at home
Gunnar is one baby, from Cabell Huntington Hospital, whose parents appreciate God's Tiny Angels

You may say, "Well I canít crochet or sew." We say, "No problem!" Do you have those extra bottles of toiletry items, or that skein of yarn that's been in the closet since you were 10? Box it up and send it in. What about that great sale you saw the other day on diapers, bottles and pacifiers, or that box full of beautiful baby clothes at that yard sale which looked like they'd never been worn? You walked by because you thought you couldnít use it! Well now you can. Help us make a difference today. Tomorrow will bring more new Angels and teen moms.


How You Can Help:

All donations should be mailed to:
God's Tiny Angels
1533 Lincoln Dr.
Huntington, WV 25704

Donate items such as baby clothing and supplies, new or gently used.

Donate items such as supplies for crocheting and knitting, like skeins of yarn.

Donate handcrafted baby items.

How to Join:

Join our Yahoo Group  and find out where we are currently delivering our donations.  Start mailing!

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